enrolment information

Enrolments to our school can be made at anytime at the school office during office hours. All student information is confidential.


enrolment requirements

When you come to the school to enrol, you will need to bring your child's :

  • Proof of Age (Birth Certificate)

  • Immunisation Certificate from The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

For more information click here to go to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register website. Parents can legally defer enrolment for their child until the child is six years old. Your child needs to have turned 5 on or before the 30th April before he/she can legally start school.



Confidential Information

It is very important for the school to have accurate and up to date information. When you enrol your child you provide us with certain information concerning them.  If there is any change in the information that you have provided, please contact the school immediately to ensure that this information is updated.  Note that information provided is confidential and is only used for the care of your child and will not be made available to anyone outside the Department of Education.

When enrolling your child/ren we also ask that you provide us with your email account so we can register you for use with our digital school news feed called Konnective. To find out more click here to go to the Konnective website.

School Nurse

The School Nurse visits the school each year and performs a screening procedure on all Prep children and any other students who have been referred by staff. Parents are contacted for permission prior to these screenings taking place.

School Banking

School banking is available through MECU and is completed once a week. A school banking pack can be collected from the office.

school fees

School Fees are currently $135 per student each year. This cost covers all student stationery supplies.

The prompt payment of fees would be greatly appreciated as they form an important part of the budget on which the school operates throughout the year.

Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

The Education Maintenance Allowance is provided by the Government to help meet the educational needs of your children. To be eligible for EMA, families must have a current Health Care Card. Full details are available from the office.

school uniform

As part of our Sunsmart policy the wearing of hats is compulsory in terms one and four. 

Preps are given a hat courtesy of the school at the commencement of the school year, which are to remain in your child’s classroom so that they are always available.  Should your child’s hat need to be replaced they are available for purchase from the school office for $14 or from Lowes in Mid Valley Shopping Centre. 

There is a complete list of the correct school uniform items on the uniform page, which are all available for purchase from Lowes in Mid Valley Shopping Centre.

Click here for Lowes location and trading hours.