personalised learning

The creation and maintenance of a positive school culture of learning ensures that all children grow to appreciate the value of learning and take pride in individual and group achievements.

At Commercial Road Primary School we offer a broad range of curriculum programs with a special emphasis on developing the essential skills of Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Technology, and Inquiry Learning.

Citizens of the 21st Century will need to be literate, numerate, adaptive and curious.  We foster an environment where all students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, by allowing them to explore concepts and gain knowledge using active investigation based on their own interests.  Students are supported to become independent learners through goal setting, self reflection and self assessment. 



developmental curriculum & inquiry based learning

Through the Developmental Curriculum in Grades P-2 and Inquiry Based Learning in Grades 3-6, all teachers promote individual learning where students are supported to explore, inquire and reflect.

Grades prep to two developmental curriculum

Commercial Road Primary School has embraced a teaching approach in Grades Prep to Two known as the Developmental Curriculum, as well as using The Victorian Early Years Learning and Developmental Framework.  This approach to learning promotes an exciting and stimulating learning environment that allows children to explore, investigate and develop some of their own interests.
The key understandings of the ‘Developmental Curriculum’ include:

  • Children have their own rate of development.
  • Not all children will learn the same thing at the same time in the same way.
  • Learning is more meaningful when experiences reflect children’s lives.
  • Learning needs to target children’s stages of development.


Developmental Curriculum ‘Investigations’ provides a broad range of experiences that immerse children in a rich range of thinking, oral language, literacy and numeracy experiences along side opportunities to consolidate their social and emotional maturity.  It actively engages students through a hands on approach and is deeply serious and purposeful.  It develops decision making, problem solving and goal setting skills and a sense of responsibility. 

Grades three to six inquiry based learning

In our 3 to 6 Grades we are guided by an inquiry approach to learning.  We have employed Dr. Jenni Wilson to support and mentor our staff in implementing this approach appropriately.  Inquiry learning is an active thinking process, where students form their own questions, plan and implement ways of finding information and use these experiences to build answers to any questions they may have.  Finally they participate in an ‘Action’ that is meaningful, is linked to the new information they have found and involves the whole school and wider community.  Teachers regularly conference with students on progress and individual learning goals.

For further information about Inquiry based learning click here.



literacy and numeracy


The Literacy curriculum at Commercial Road Primary is based on AusVELS, which is broken into three strands: literature, literacy and language. These strands focus on reading, writing, spelling, grammar and listening and speaking.


The Numeracy program at Commercial Road Primary School focuses on providing real life, hands-on activities that enable students to develop and expand their mathematical skills, concepts and problem solving abilities.

For more detailed information on Literacy & Numeracy click here.

information technology

All children have weekly class dedicated to using a computer to perform tasks related to a specialised area of study. IPads, netbooks, interactive whiteboards and digital cameras are used as an integral part of learning.


Earobics is a computer based program designed to improve students’ alphabet and sounds skills. It is run three times a week and is offered to all students on a needs basis.