All classes participate in physical activities on a weekly basis. Engaging in physical activities contributes to wellbeing and good health. Our focus is on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Children are also given opportunities to compete in a variety of different sports in the Victorian School Sports Association at a local, regional and state level.

Each year a whole school Athletics Carnival is held.  All students participate in different track and field events, adapted to their age level.  Those children in grades three to six who achieve first and second places in each event, then progress to District School Sports, and continue to Regional and State School Sports if they continue to be awarded first or second places.

Students in Grades 3 to 6 participate in four weeks of tennis lessons with a visiting coach.

As part of our Lunchtime Links activities, students can also attend swimming lessons on a term basis. Qualified instructors at the Morwell Leisure Centre run this program each Tuesday.

The school also enters in netball, basketball, football, soccer, cricket and cross country competitions.


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lunch time links program

Commercial Road Primary School runs a very successful Lunchtime Links program, which gives students access to learn and try a wide range of different sports and activities.  Lunchtime Links activities vary from term to term and include activities such as Ten Pin Bowling, Swimming, Knitting, Kick Boxing, Dancing, Computers and lots more. The program is run by our 5/6 students and supported by our teachers. This program plays an integral part in developing our senior students’ leadership skills.



swimming program

As part of out Lunchtime Links program students are given the opportunity to attend swimming lessons. Swimming runs each Tuesday at lunchtime and lessons are held at the Morwell Leisure Centre. When enrolling students must attend for a whole term. The cost of the lessons range for $75 to $90 for the term depending on how many weeks students attend. Preps are not able to attend swimming in Term 1.



Swimming Carnival

All children in grades three to six are offered the opportunity to participate in the Otto Ford Swimming Carnival, which is held at the Morwell Leisure Centre.