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Commercial Road Primary School is registered as a Resource Smart School

In 2013 students in grades 2 to 6 were involved in an inquiry unit on sustainability. The inquiry began with Tuning-in activities which involved an:

  • Rotational Activity Day where students visited each classroom, tuning-in into different aspects of sustainability

  • Excursion to Brodribb Road Wetlands excursion where Federation University Education students facilitated sustainability activities

  • Students then chose their area of interest or ‘passion’, in which more focused learning took place in a multi-age group

  • These groups included Water Saving, Water Pollution, Gardening, Energy, Frog Bog and Recycling.

  • As part of this inquiry students developed water saving systems, redeveloped and regenerated our Frog Bog, implemented recycle procedures, established vegetable patches and completed an energy audit. We also presented at the Morwell Sustainability Festival in 2013.

  •  Due to the success of this inquiry and the level of interest created in students, staff and the community we decided to continue to work on improving our school’s sustainability.

  • In 2014 we have integrated sustainability electives into our 2 to 6 program. Once a week students meet in groups to work on improving sustainability within the school.


frog census

Frog Census is an extracurricular activity that students of Commercial Road Primary School are encouraged to attend.

Frog Census is usually conducted once a month and is led by former teacher and environmental enthusiast Max Sargent. Frog Census is held at the Morwell River Wetlands, which were developed and are maintained by Hazelwood Power Station.

At Frog Census students learn to listen for and identify the calls of local frog species. Students make scientific recordings of frog calls and occasionally even find a frog to observe and admire!! Other activities often conducted at Frog Census include night walks with head lamps for spotting wildlife, bug-catching in the water and nature photography.


Frog Census provides a great opportunity for students to get into and learn about our natural environment. It helps to increase community awareness about the health of our local rivers, creeks and wetlands. Commercial Road Primary School students and their families have been taking part in Frog Census at the Morwell River Wetlands since 2003. We have had lots of fun and have learned a lot along the way!

Click on the link below to visit the Frog Census Wikispace, where you will find more information about what we do and details for the next Frog Census. Please note that Frog Census is held outside of school hours and an adult is required to accompany your child if they wish to attend.