At Commercial Road Primary School we believe that starting school is a major life transition for children and their families, in which they have to adjust to new roles, relationships and expectations. 

prep transition program

At Commercial Road Primary School we believe children need to feel secure, confident and connected as they move to new environments.  With this in mind, our Prep Transition Program operates in the third and fourth terms of each school year to support new students in their educational journey from kinder to school. 

Kinder Visits

Initially, the prep staff will make pre-school visits to your child in their kinder setting.  This gives the staff an opportunity to talk to pre-school staff and to observe your child in an environment that is familiar to them.  They can recognize children’s strengths and plan accordingly for them. 



Term 4 Transition Sessions

In term four transition sessions for enrolled children occur.  This is made up of four sessions, involving activities in literacy and numeracy, and the specialist classes of music and information technology.  These sessions are usually of an hour and a half duration and provide an opportunity for children to get to know their teachers, spend time in their new environment and start to experience simple routines and prep learning areas.  While the children are busy learning about being a prep, you are invited to have a cuppa and a chat in the main staffroom to get to know our Primary Welfare Officer and to meet other prep parents.

Prep BBQ

All parents of enrolled preps are also invited to attend a Prep BBQ and information session in December. This is a great way to access all of the information you will need to know about starting school and educating your child at Commercial Road Primary School.

For the first term of your child’s first year, teachers remain in the yard at recess and lunch time to support the new preps and answer any questions they may have.

If you would like a school tour please phone us on (03) 5134 2329 to arrange a suitable time.

primary to secondary school transition

Preparation for Transition to Secondary school begins in Term 4.

All grade six students are Involved in a transition program run by our Primary Welfare Officer and Senior Team Leader. During this program students will practice opening and shutting combination locks, reading timetables and discuss their feelings about the transition.


All students will visit their chosen Secondary School on State Wide Transition Day, which is the second Tuesday in December. Our grade 5/6 teachers also work very closely with local secondary transition leaders to ensure all students feel safe and supported. If your child needs additional support our Primary Welfare Officer will orgainse additional transition visits to their secondary school.
At the beginning of the school year our Primary Welfare Officer will visit our local secondary schools to see how our previous year 6 students are settling in and adjusting to secondary school.